wisdom tooth extractions in maple grove, mn

wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions is a routine surgical procedure to remove an entire tooth. We may recommend extractions when you are experiencing an overcrowded mouth from an impacted tooth or your wisdom tooth is decaying. Here at Reflections Dental in Maple Grove, we specialize in making dental care simple and pain free to get you back to life as usual. 


Wisdom Tooth extraction causes

Are you wondering if you really need your wisdom teeth removed? We recommend tooth extraction only when necessary for overall oral health. 


Tooth Decay

Decay is a leading cause of wisdom tooth extraction that have grown in already. While we will try to repair most of your teeth  through fillings or a crown, we may recommend extracting a decaying wisdom tooth.  


Crowded Mouth

When your wisdom tooth has not come in and is impacted underneath your gums, it may cause an overcrowded mouth.  This can create bite and other issues. We typically recommend tooth extractions if overcrowding is an issue.



A tooth infection can be a serious health issue and can require a tooth extraction to ensure oral health. 


What to expect if a
wisdom tooth extraction is necessary

Emergency dental care can be stressful, but knowing what to expect can help. Here at Reflections Dental Care, our goal is to make your wisdom tooth extraction as pain free as possible.


Local Anesthetic

We'll start with local anesthetic to numb the area and keep you pain free during the procedure. If your wisdom tooth is impacted, we may require general anesthesia, but we'll make this determination during your exam. 



Once your tooth is extracted, we will apply packing to stop the bleeding and may use dissolvable stitches to help the healing process. 


Infection Protocols

With any tooth extraction, there is a slight chance of infection. We'll arm you with the symptoms to look for and when to call the dentist. 



Expect full healing to take 1-2 weeks. We'll also give you instructions for at-home care during your recovery time. 


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If you are experiencing pain and sensitivity in the area of your wisdom team, then our team at Reflections Dental Care is here to help. Simply contact us for an exam.