What kinds of x-rays are there?

Different types of x-rays can tell our Maple Grove dentist more about your oral health if needed. Bite-wing x-rays are when the dentists asks you to bite down on a special paper before taking the x-ray. With the images created from it, the dentist can examine how well the crowns of your teeth line up to see potential cavity areas, along with finding cavities between teeth and risks of decay. Occlusal x-rays are taken when your mouth is fully closed. This lets the dentist know how your teeth are lined up and any abnormalities in the roof or bottom of your mouth. They can also look at your jawline for potential problems you may have. The panoramic x-ray spins from one side of your face to the other to get a full view of your teeth. Dentists use this to look for wisdom teeth, implants if you have any, and help in the diagnosis of tumors in the jaw. Lastly, the periapical x-rays take close-up views of two teeth in particular to get a closer view of the roots. It can help dentists with the diagnosis if they see a problem. While there are some other strategies that dentists use, it is all for the benefit of your oral health.