Emergency root canals

Experiencing acute tooth pain can be a headache literally.  If your tooth is infected or inflamed, you may need a root canal to relieve the pain and save your tooth.  Here at Reflections Dental, we specialize in providing urgent dental care to get you back to pain free living. 


signs of a root canal

While every experience is different, many of our root canal patients experience some common symptoms leading up to their need for a root canal. 


acute toothache

Toothaches are the most common sign you need a root canal. Whether you are experiencing extreme sensitivity or spontaneous pain that wakes you up at night, it's time to see your dentist to get it checked out. 


hot/Cold Sensitivity

Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold is another sign you may need a root canal. If your tooth is especially sensitive to heat or still aches once taking the hot or cold items away, you may need a root canal. 


Pain when Eating

Some patients experience pain when chewing or putting other pressure on a tooth that needs a root canal.  If you experience pain when biting, visit your dentist. 



An abscess is a strong sign that you need to see your dentist.  Abcesses will cause bleeding and swelling around the tooth and may look like a small bump on your gums. 

what to expect

If you've never experienced a root canal, then the dentists at Reflections Dental are here to help. We'll start with an initial exam of your teeth to ensure you need a root canal. 


Local Anesthetic

We'll start by numbing your tooth to ensure that you don't experience any pain during the procedure. 

icons8-antiseptic-cream-50 (1).png

Cleaning your Root

Our dentist will place a rubber dam over your tooth to hold in place. Then, we'll drill an opening in your tooth, remove infected pulp (inside your tooth) and clean the inside of your tooth. 


Filling & Sealing

Once finished, we will place a filling to seal the tooth.  Occasionally, your tooth may also need a crown to prevent any cracking. Most root canals can be completed in 1-2 appointments.  


Relieve your tooth pain

If you're in pain and suspect you may need a root canal, call us today to get started.  

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