Dental Hygiene

maple grove Area preventive dental services

Maintaining your dental hygiene schedule offers a variety of benefits. At Reflections Dental Care in Maple Grove, we utilize the most trusted and cutting-edge technology available in the dental field for preventive dental services. A beautiful, healthy smile plays an important role in the way you look and feel. We listen to you to fully understand your needs, ensuring your smile is kept in top form and protected against health complications caused by dental decay and gum disease. 



Dental sealants are designed to prevent the development of dental cavities. The sealant is a resin material placed in the pits, fissures and chewing surfaces typically found in the permanent molar teeth at the back of the mouth. Dental sealants are effective at preventing tooth decay and the formation of cavities by deterring food and bacteria from becoming lodged in your teeth. Fissure sealants will provide a smooth surface that is easily cleaned by toothbrush bristles and your saliva, a natural protective agent.


Gum Health

Healthy gums are important for a healthy mouth and body. Arming yourself with the right dental products and using them every day can help you maintain a lifetime of good dental health. Scheduling regular check-ups and being aware of your oral health will help you stay on the road to healthy teeth and gums, and ultimately maintain a healthier YOU. We use comprehensive diagnosis and treatment techniques to maintain your oral health.