How do x-rays work?


X-rays are used by many dentists in Maple Grove and other locations. The rays allow the dentists to see the inner parts of your teeth because of its ability to penetrate through many materials. The picture is formed as the x-rays pass through the dense materials in your mouth. Materials that are less dense, such as your cheeks and gums, allow the x-rays to pass through it more easily. This makes it appear darker on the picture. Materials that are more dense, such as your bone teeth, only allow some of the x-ray to pass through. The bounced x-rays produce a lighter picture. The differences between density outline your teeth so that your dentist can measure the health of  your roots and teeth. Differences in shade can also reveal where the bone is going soft from infection or decay. It is important for your oral health to catch these problems early so that they won’t cause critical health conditions in the future.