How do dentists remove wisdom teeth?


In most cases, anesthesia will be given to the patient to avoid feeling pain during the procedure. A numbing agent is also applied to the area where the tooth being extracted is for safety measures. The certified dentist, like the one in our Maple Grove office, will then make an incision in the gums if the tooth is growing underneath the gums, or around the tooth to be easier to extract. Any bone blocking the tooth or preventing the dentist from getting the root of the wisdom tooth is removed. Once the tooth is accessed, it is worked out of the gums using dental instruments. In some cases, the tooth may have to be cut into sections to make the removal process easier and smoother. Once the tooth is removed, the dentist sews up the incision and the tooth socket, where the tooth was, with dissolvable stitches. Gauze is applied on a cloth or cotton ball and placed over the stitches to help the blood clot and heal faster.