Have you had your teeth cleaned lately? 

At Reflections Dental Care, we recommend our patients have their teeth professionally cleaned once a year to maintain a healthy smile. We believe that your smile is a reflection of your personality, and we hope your wear it beautifully.


What you should know about reflections dental care:

Here at Reflections Dental Care, your Maple Grove MN area family dentist, our goal is to help your entire family improve their teeth health while loving every visit. A few more things about our practice:

  • Over 20 years of experience

  • A variety of dental services

  • We accept most types of insurance

  • Spa-like atmosphere


don’t just take our word for it. 


“Dr. Gatecha and his staff are kind, professional, and make sure we are always comfortable before beginning any cleaning or treatment. I have been very impressed with how quickly Dr. Gatecha has been able to provide additional services if needed (ex. molar sealing) during our cleaning visits so there was no need for extra appointments. I trust that we are always in good hands whenever we visit!”

“This is hands down the most amazing dental experience I have ever encountered. The staff are incredible and make you feel safe and well cared for. They are extremely kind and informative about your dental needs. I know for sure I have found my family a dentist who is above and beyond expectations. You guys are the BEST!”

“If you want personalized care and quality dental this is the best dental practice. Dr. G and his staff are caring and diligent. Especially if you are terrified of having any dental work done like I am.”


What you can expect if this is your first cleaning:

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  • Beep

  • Beep 

  • Beep


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**Just a reminder that we accept most dental insurance!

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