Can Dental Work Affect your Sinuses?


There are many different sinus cavities, and the largest paranasal sinus, called the maxillary sinus, is located between your teeth and eye sockets, behind your cheekbones. The roots of your teeth and the sinus are separated by a layer of tissue, called the mucous membrane, and a thin layer of bone. If the roots of your teeth go unchecked, there is a chance that an infection with the roots of your teeth can spread to your sinuses, causing a sinus infection. Because of these thin layers, dentists also have to be careful with root canals. If done poorly, they could drill through the layer of bone and into the sinus. It is not a common issue, especially with certified dentists. However, if you are concerned with a root canal or an infection in your teeth spreading to your sinuses, contact your Maple Grove dentist and schedule an appointment